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Preprint 550-1997
Bertet, Karell and Gustedt, Jens and Morvan, Michel.
Weak-Order Extensions of an Order.

Preprint 551-1997
Bodlaender, Hans and Gustedt, Jens and Telle, Jan Arne.
Linear-Time register allocation for a fixed number of registers and no stack variables.

Preprint 554-1997
Möhring, Rolf H. and Müller-Hannemann, Matthias.
Complexity and Modeling Aspects of Mesh Refinement into Quadrilaterals.

Preprint 559-1997
Müller-Hannemann, Matthias and Weihe, Karsten.
Improved Approximations for Minimum Cardinality Quadrangulations of Finite Element Meshes.

Preprint 565-1997
Schulz, Andreas S. and Shmoys, David B. and Williamson, David P..
Approximation Algorithms.

Preprint 549-1997
Schulz, Andreas S. and Skutella, Martin.
Random-Based Scheduling: New Approximations and LP Lower Bounds.


Preprint 509-1996
Soumen Chakrabarti and Cynthia A. Phillips and Andreas S. Schulz and David B. Shmoys and Cliff Stein and Joel Wein.
Improved Scheduling Algorithms for Minsum Criteria.

Preprint 524-1996
Dahlhaus, Elias and Gustedt, Jens and McConnell, Ross.
A pratical and efficient algorithm for substitution decomposition.

Preprint 515-1996
Christophe Fiorio and Jens Gustedt.
Volume Segmentation of $3$-dimensional Images.

Preprint 523-1996
Fiorio, Christophe and Gustedt, Jens.
Memory Management for Union-Find Algorithms.

Preprint 500-1996
Stephan Hartmann and Markus W. Schäffter and Andreas S. Schulz.
Switchbox Routing in VLSI Design: Closing the Complexity Gap.

Preprint 530-1996
Kortenkamp, Ulrich H. and Richter-Gebert, Jürgen and Sarangarajan, Aravamuthan and Ziegler, Günter M..
Extremal Properties of 0/1-Polytopes.

Preprint 516-1996
Leslie A. Hall, Andreas S. Schulz, David B. Shmoys, and Joel Wein.
Scheduling to Minimize Average Completion Time: Off-line and On-line Approximation Algorithms.

Preprint 502-1996
Nina Amenta \and Günter M.Ziegler.
Deformed Products and Maximal Shadows of Polytopes.

Preprint 498-1996
Ewa Malesi\'nska and Alessandro Panconesi.
On the Hardness of Allocating Frequencies for Hybrid Networks.

Preprint 520-1996
Möhring, Rolf H. and Müller–Hannemann, Matthias and Weihe, Karsten.
Mesh Refinement via Bidirected Flows: Modeling, Complexity, and Computational Results.

Preprint 508-1996
Rudolf Müller and Andreas S. Schulz.
Transitive Packing.

Preprint 519-1996
Matthias Müller–Hannemann and Karsten Weihe.
Minimum Strictly Convex Quadrangulations of Convex Polygons.

Preprint 536-1996
Phillips, Cynthia A. and Schulz, Andreas S. and Shmoys, David B. and Stein, Cliff and Wein, Joel.
Improved Bounds on Relaxations of a Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem.

Preprint 535-1996
Schrader, Rainer and Schulz, Andreas S. and Wambach, Georg.
Base Polytopes of Series-Parallel Posets: Linear Description and Optimization.

Preprint 533-1996
Schulz, Andreas S. and Skutella, Martin.
Scheduling-LPs Bear Probabilities: Randomized Approximations for Min-Sum Criteria.


Preprint 465-1995
Ulrich Betke and Martin Henk.
Finite packings of spheres.

Preprint 489-1995
Eva Maria Feichtner and Dmitry N. Kozlov.
On subspace arrangements of type $\mathcal D$.

Preprint 477-1995
Jens Gustedt and Michel Morvan and Laurent Viennot.
A compact data structure and parallel algorithms for permutation graphs.

Preprint 430-1995
Martin Henk.
Note on Shortest and Nearest Lattice Vectors.

Preprint 447-1995
Martin Henk.
Minkowski's second theorem on successive minima.

Preprint 428-1995
David B. Massey and Rodica Simion and Richard P. Stanley and Dirk Vertigan and Dominic J. A. Welsh and Günter M. Ziegler.
Lê Numbers of Arrangements and Matroid Identities.

Preprint 475-1995
Ross McConnell and Jeremy Spinrad.
Modular decomposition and transitive orientation.

Preprint 439-1995
Rolf H. Möhring and Matthias Müller–Hannemann.
Cardinality Matching: Heuristic Search for Augmenting Paths.


Preprint 386-1994
Annelie von Arnim and Andreas S. Schulz.
Facets of the Generalized Permutahedron of a Poset.

Preprint 375-1994
Christophe Fiorio and Jens Gustedt.
Two Linear Time Union-Find Strategies for Image Processing.

Preprint 377-1994
Möhring, Rolf H. and Müller-Hannemann, Matthias and Weihe, Karsten.
Using Network Flows for Surface Modeling.

Preprint 401-1994
Rudolf Müller and Andreas S.\ Schulz.
The Interval Order Polytope of a Digraph.

Preprint 392-1994
Andreas Parra.
Triangulating Multitolerance Graphs.

Preprint 407-1994
Andreas Parra and Petra Scheffler.
How to Use the Minimal Separators of a Graph for Its Chordal Triangulation.

Preprint 408-1994
Maurice Queyranne and Andreas S. Schulz.
Polyhedral Approaches to Machine Scheduling.