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Preprints 2012


Preprint 028-2012
Andreas Bley, Mehdi Hashemi, Mohsen Rezapour.
Approximation algorithms for connected facility location with buy-at-bulk edge costs.

Preprint 025-2012
Christina Büsing and Kai-Simon Goetzmann and Jannik Matuschke and Sebastian Stiller.
The Power of Compromise.

Preprint 034-2012
Harks, Tobias and König, Felix G. and Matuschke, Jannik and Richter, Alexander and Schulz, Jens.
An Integrated Approach to Tactical Logistics Network Optimization.

Preprint 009-2012
König, Felix G. and Matuschke, Jannik and Richter, Alexander.
A Multi-Dimensional Multi-Commodity Covering Problem with Applications in Logistics.

Preprint 031-2012
Andreas Bley, Natashia Boland, Gary Froyland, and Mark Zuckerberg.
Solving mixed integer nonlinear programming problems for mine production planning with stockpiling.

Preprint 001-2012
Kappmeier, Jan-Philipp W. and Matuschke, Jannik and Peis, Britta.
Abstract flows over time: A first step towards solving dynamic packing problems.

Preprint 023-2012
Cseh, Ágnes and Matuschke, Jannik and Skutella, Martin.
Stable Flows over Time.



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