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Preprints 2008

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Preprint 013-2006
Christian Liebchen and Gregor Wünsch.
The Zoo of Tree Spanner Problems [3].


Preprint 036-2007
König, Felix G. and Lübbecke, Marco E..
Sorting with Complete Networks of Stacks [4].


Preprint 035-2008
Nadine Baumann and Martin Skutella.
Solving Evacuation Problems Efficiently: Earliest Arrival Flows with Multiple Sources [5].

Preprint 017-2008
Vincenzo Bonifaci and Alberto Marchetti-Spaccamela and Sebastian Stiller.
A Constant-Approximate Feasibility Test for Multiprocessor Real-Time Scheduling [6].

Preprint 015-2008
Paul Bonsma and Florian Zickfeld.
A 3/2-approximation algorithm for finding spanning trees with many leaves in cubic graphs [7].

Preprint 036-2008
Tobias Harks and Guido Schäfer and Martin Sieg.
Computing Optimal Network Tolls [8].

Preprint 009-2008
G. Lach and M.E. Lübbecke.
Curriculum based course timetabling: Optimal solutions to the Udine benchmark instances [9].

Preprint 021-2008
Maren Martens and Martin Skutella.
Flows with Unit Path Capacities and Related Packing and Covering Problems [10].

Preprint 023-2008
Frank Neumann and Joachim Reichel.
Approximating Minimum Multicuts by Evolutionary Multi-Objective Algorithms [11].

Preprint 003-2008
Frank Neumann and Joachim Reichel and Martin Skutella.
Computing Minimum Cuts by Randomized Search Heuristics [12].

Preprint 031-2008
Joachim Reichel and Martin Skutella.
On the Size of Weights in Randomized Search Heuristics [13].

Preprint 020-2008
Peter Sanders and Naveen Sivadasan and Martin Skutella.
Online Scheduling with Bounded Migration [14].

Preprint 022-2008
Martin Skutella.
An Introduction to Network Flows Over Time [15].

Preprint 024-2008
Joachim Reichel and Martin Skutella.
Evolutionary Algorithms and Matroid Optimization Problems [16].

Preprint 027-2008
Christian Liebchen and Elmar Swarat.
The Second Chvatal Closure Can Yield Better Railway Timetables [17].

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