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Preprints 2007


Preprint 020-2004
Christian Liebchen and Rolf H. M\öhring.
The Modeling Power of the Periodic Event Scheduling Problem: Railway Timetables - and Beyond.

Preprint 021-2004
Christian Liebchen and Mark Proksch and Frank H. Wagner.
Performance of Algorithms for Periodic Timetable Optimization.


Preprint 018-2005
Christian Liebchen and Romeo Rizzi.
Classes of Cycle Bases.


Preprint 046-2007
Paul Bonsma and Frederic Dorn.
An FPT Algorithm for Directed Spanning k-Leaf.

Preprint 036-2007
König, Felix G. and Lübbecke, Marco E..
Sorting with Complete Networks of Stacks.

Preprint 004-2007
König, Felix G. and Lübbecke, Marco E. and Möhring, Rolf H. and Schäfer, Guido and Spenke, Ines.
Solutions to Real-World Instances of PSPACE-Complete Stacking.

Preprint 003-2007
Christian Liebchen and Gregor Wünsch and Ekkehard Köhler and Alexander Reich and Romeo Rizzi.
Benchmarks for Strictly Fundamental Cycle Bases.

Preprint 017-2007
Christian Liebchen and Michael Schachtebeck and Anita Schöbel and Sebastian Stiller and André Prigge.
Computing Delay Resistant Railway Timetables.

Preprint 022-2007
Michael Elkin and Christian Liebchen and Romeo Rizzi.
New Length Bounds for Cycle Bases.

Preprint 019-2007
Nadine Baumann and Sebastian Stiller.
The Price of Anarchy of a Network Creation Game with Exponential Payoff.

Preprint 026-2007
Friedrich Eisenbrand and Fabrizio Grandoni and Thomas Rothvo\.
Approximating Connected Facility Location Problems via Random Facility Sampling and Core Detouring.

Preprint 020-2007
Vincenzo Bonifaci and Tobias Harks and Guido Schäfer.
The Impact of Stackelberg Routing in General Networks.

Preprint 029-2007
Nicole Megow and Tjark Vredeveld.
Stochastic Online Scheduling with Precedence Constraints.

Preprint 028-2007
Christina Puhl and Sebastian Stiller.
The Maximum Capacity of a Line Plan is Inapproximable.



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