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Preprints 2006


Preprint 005-2006
Georg Baier and Thomas Erlebach and Alexander Hall and Ekkehard Köhler and Heiko Schilling and Martin Skutella.
Length-Bounded Cuts and Flows [1].

Preprint 007-2006
Ekkehard Köhler and Christian Liebchen and Romeo Rizzi and Gregor Wünsch.
Reducing the Optimality Gap of Strictly Fundamental Cycle Bases in Planar Grids [2].

Preprint 008-2006
Nicole Megow and Tjark Vredeveld.
Approximation Results for Preemptive Stochastic Online Scheduling [3].

Preprint 014-2006
Michael Balmer and Torben Edelhoff and Rolf H. Möhring and Heiko Schilling.
Optimal Route Assignment in Large Scale Micro-Simulations [4].

Preprint 013-2006
Christian Liebchen and Gregor Wünsch.
The Zoo of Tree Spanner Problems [5].

Preprint 024-2006
Christian Liebchen and Sebastian Stiller.
Delay Resistant Timetabling [6].

Preprint 028-2006
Alberto Ceselli and Michael Gatto and Marco E. Lübbecke and Marc Nunkesser and Heiko Schilling.
Optimizing the Cargo Express Service of Swiss Federal Railways [7].

Preprint 030-2006
Gary Froyland and Thorsten Koch and Nicole Megow and Emily Duane and Howard Wren.
Optimizing the Landside Operation of a Container Terminal [8].

Preprint 032-2006
Romeo Rizzi and Christian Liebchen.
A New Bound on the Length of Minimum Cycle Bases [9].


Preprint 017-2007
Christian Liebchen and Michael Schachtebeck and Anita Schöbel and Sebastian Stiller and André Prigge.
Computing Delay Resistant Railway Timetables [10].


Preprint 035-2008
Nadine Baumann and Martin Skutella.
Solving Evacuation Problems Efficiently: Earliest Arrival Flows with Multiple Sources [11].

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