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Preprints 2006

Computing Delay Resistant Railway Timetables
Zitatschlüssel Report-017-2007
Autor Christian Liebchen and Michael Schachtebeck and Anita Schöbel and Sebastian Stiller and André Prigge
Jahr 2007
Adresse Stra\
Nummer 017
Monat April
Notiz Accepted for publication in Computers and Operations Research
Institution Technische Universität Berlin, Institut für Mathematik
Zusammenfassung In the past, much research had been dedicated to compute optimum railway timetables. A typical objective was the minimization of passenger waiting times. But only the planned nominal waiting times were addressed, whereas delays, as they occur in daily operation, were neglected. Rather, conceptually, delays were treated mainly in an online-context, and solved as a separate optimization problem, called delay management. We provide the first computational study which aims at computing delay resistant periodic timetables. In particular we assess the delay resistancy of a timetable by evaluating it subject to several delay scenarios, to which optimum delay management will be applied. We arrive at computing delay resistant timetables by selecting a new objective function which we design to be in the middle of the traditional simple timetabling objective and the sophisticated delay management objective. This is a slight extension of the concept of “Light Robustness”, as it was proposed by Fischetti and Monaci (2006). Moreover, in our application we are able to provide accurate interpretations for the ingredients of Light Robustness. We apply this new technique to real-world data of a part of the German railway network of Deutsche Bahn AG. Our computational results suggest that a significant decrease of passenger delays could be obtained at a relatively small price of robustness.
Typ der Publikation Preprint
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