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Preprints 2001



Preprint 710-2001
Esther M. Arkin and Sándor P. Fekete and Joseph S. B. Mitchell.
Algorithms for Manufacturing Paperclips and Sheet M et al. Structures.

Preprint 711-2001
Esther M. Arkin and Michael A. Bender and Sándor P. Fekete and Joseph S. B. Mitchell and Martin Skutella.
The Freeze-Tag Problem: How to Wake Up a Swarm of Robots.

Preprint 712-2001
Ekkehard Köhler and Martin Skutella.
Flows over time with load-dependent transit times.

Preprint 716-2001
Christian Liebchen.
The Periodic Assignment Problem (PAP) May Be Solved Greedily.

Preprint 723-2001
Berit Johannes.
Scheduling Parallel Jobs to Minimize Makespan.


Preprint 013-2006
Christian Liebchen and Gregor Wünsch.
The Zoo of Tree Spanner Problems.