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Preprints 1997


Preprint 520-1996
Möhring, Rolf H. and Müller–Hannemann, Matthias and Weihe, Karsten.
Mesh Refinement via Bidirected Flows: Modeling, Complexity, and Computational Results.

Preprint 519-1996
Matthias Müller–Hannemann and Karsten Weihe.
Minimum Strictly Convex Quadrangulations of Convex Polygons.

Preprint 533-1996
Schulz, Andreas S. and Skutella, Martin.
Scheduling-LPs Bear Probabilities: Randomized Approximations for Min-Sum Criteria.


Preprint 550-1997
Bertet, Karell and Gustedt, Jens and Morvan, Michel.
Weak-Order Extensions of an Order.

Preprint 551-1997
Bodlaender, Hans and Gustedt, Jens and Telle, Jan Arne.
Linear-Time register allocation for a fixed number of registers and no stack variables.

Preprint 554-1997
Möhring, Rolf H. and Müller-Hannemann, Matthias.
Complexity and Modeling Aspects of Mesh Refinement into Quadrilaterals.

Preprint 559-1997
Müller-Hannemann, Matthias and Weihe, Karsten.
Improved Approximations for Minimum Cardinality Quadrangulations of Finite Element Meshes.

Preprint 565-1997
Schulz, Andreas S. and Shmoys, David B. and Williamson, David P..
Approximation Algorithms.

Preprint 549-1997
Schulz, Andreas S. and Skutella, Martin.
Random-Based Scheduling: New Approximations and LP Lower Bounds.


Preprint 595-1998
Rolf H. Möhring and Andreas S. Schulz and Marc Uetz.
Approximation in stochastic scheduling: The power of LP-based priority policies.


Preprint 669-2000
Michael Naatz.
A Note on a Question of C. D. Savage.


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