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FG Kombinatorische Optimierung und Graphenalgorithmen1996

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Preprints 1996


Preprint 365-1993
Rolf H. Möhring.
Triangulating Graphs without Asteroidal Triples.


Preprint 375-1994
Christophe Fiorio and Jens Gustedt.
Two Linear Time Union-Find Strategies for Image Processing.


Preprint 509-1996
Soumen Chakrabarti and Cynthia A. Phillips and Andreas S. Schulz and David B. Shmoys and Cliff Stein and Joel Wein.
Improved Scheduling Algorithms for Minsum Criteria.

Preprint 524-1996
Dahlhaus, Elias and Gustedt, Jens and McConnell, Ross.
A pratical and efficient algorithm for substitution decomposition.

Preprint 515-1996
Christophe Fiorio and Jens Gustedt.
Volume Segmentation of $3$-dimensional Images.

Preprint 523-1996
Fiorio, Christophe and Gustedt, Jens.
Memory Management for Union-Find Algorithms.

Preprint 500-1996
Stephan Hartmann and Markus W. Schäffter and Andreas S. Schulz.
Switchbox Routing in VLSI Design: Closing the Complexity Gap.

Preprint 530-1996
Kortenkamp, Ulrich H. and Richter-Gebert, Jürgen and Sarangarajan, Aravamuthan and Ziegler, Günter M..
Extremal Properties of 0/1-Polytopes.

Preprint 516-1996
Leslie A. Hall, Andreas S. Schulz, David B. Shmoys, and Joel Wein.
Scheduling to Minimize Average Completion Time: Off-line and On-line Approximation Algorithms.

Preprint 502-1996
Nina Amenta \and Günter M.Ziegler.
Deformed Products and Maximal Shadows of Polytopes.

Preprint 498-1996
Ewa Malesi\'nska and Alessandro Panconesi.
On the Hardness of Allocating Frequencies for Hybrid Networks.

Preprint 520-1996
Möhring, Rolf H. and Müller–Hannemann, Matthias and Weihe, Karsten.
Mesh Refinement via Bidirected Flows: Modeling, Complexity, and Computational Results.

Preprint 508-1996
Rudolf Müller and Andreas S. Schulz.
Transitive Packing.



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