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FG Kombinatorische Optimierung und Graphenalgorithmen1991

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Preprints 1991


Preprint 207-1988
Michel Habib and David Kelly and Rolf H. Möhring.
Interval Dimension is a Comparability Invariant..


Preprint 217-1989
Dorothea Wagner and Frank Wagner.
A Generalization of the Zero–One Principle for Sorting Algorithms.


Preprint 247-1990
Michael Formann and Dorothea Wagner and Frank Wagner.
Routing through a Dense Channel with Minimum Total Wire Length.


Preprint 309-1991
Stefan Felsner.
Tolerance Graphs and Orders.

Preprint 291-1991
Stefan Felsner and Jens Gustedt and Michel Morvan and Jean-Xavier Rampon.
Constructing Colorings for Diagrams.

Preprint 285-1991
Stefan Felsner and Michel Habib and Rolf H. Möhring.
On the Interplay between Interval Dimension and Dimension.

Preprint 308-1991
Stefan Felsner and William T.\ Trotter.
Colorings of Diagrams of Interval Orders and α-Sequences of Sets.

Preprint 295-1991
Stefan Felsner and Dorothea Wagner.
On the Complexity of Partial Order Properties.

Preprint 276-1991
Christoph Meinel and Stephan Waack.
Separating complexitiy classes related to bounded alternating ω-branching programs.

Preprint 279-1991
Dorothea Wagner.
A New Approach to Knock-Knee Channel Routing.

Preprint 307-1991
Dorothea Wagner and Frank Wagner.
Between Min Cut and Graph Bisection.


Preprint 349-1993
Stefan Felsner.
3-Interval Irreducible Partially Ordered Sets.



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