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Preprints 1990


Preprint 221-1989
Jens Gustedt.
On the Pathwidth of Chordal Graphs.

Preprint 218-1989
Ruth Kuchem and Dorothea Wagner and Frank Wagner.
Area-Optimal Three-Layer Channel Routing.

Preprint 225-1989
Rudolf Müller and Dorothea Wagner.
α-Vertex-Separation is $N\!\!P$-hard even for 3-regular Graphs.

Preprint 240-1989
Dorothea Wagner and Frank Wagner.
Channel Routing under Different Optimization Criteria.


Preprint 245-1990
Hans L. Bodlaender and Rolf H. Möhring.
The pathwidth and treewidth of cographs.

Preprint 255-1990
Stefan Felsner.
Orthogonal Structures in Directed Graphs.

Preprint 265-1990
Stefan Felsner and Michel Morvan.
More Bounds for the Dimension of Interval Orders.

Preprint 247-1990
Michael Formann and Dorothea Wagner and Frank Wagner.
Routing through a Dense Channel with Minimum Total Wire Length.


Preprint 595-1998
Rolf H. Möhring and Andreas S. Schulz and Marc Uetz.
Approximation in stochastic scheduling: The power of LP-based priority policies.