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von Falkenhausen, P. and Harks, T..
Optimal Cost Sharing Protocols for Scheduling Games.
In Proceedings of the 12th ACM conference on Electronic commerce, EC '11, pp. 285–294, New York, USA, ACM, 2011.

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von Falkenhausen, P. and Harks, T..
Optimal Cost Sharing for Resource Selection Games.
Mathematics of Operations Research, Vol. 38, pp. 184–208, 2013.


Weihe, C..
Flow and Routing Problems in Planar Graphs.
Doctoral thesis, TU Berlin, 1994.

Welz, W..
Robot Tour Planning with High Determination Costs.
Doctoral thesis, TU Berlin, 2014.

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Welz, W..
Route Planning for Robot Systems.
Diploma thesis, TU Berlin, 2010.

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Welz, W..
Automatisches Multi-GPU Scheduling in OpenCL.
Diploma thesis, TU Berlin, 2011. In German.

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Wiese, A. and Peis, B..
Universal Packet Routing with Arbitrary Bandwidths and Transit Times.
In Günlück, Oktay and Woeginger, Gerhard (ed.)Integer Programming and Combinatoral Optimization - 15th International Conference, IPCO 2011, New York, USA, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, Vol. 6655, pp. 362–375, 2011.

Wiese, A..
Packet routing and scheduling.
Doctoral thesis, TU Berlin, 2011.

Wilms, J., Disser, Y., Alber, G. and Percival, I. C..
Local Realism, Detection Efficiencies, and Probability Polytopes.
Physical Review A, Vol. 73, pp. 032116(8), 2008.

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Ziemke, T., Sering, L., Vargas Koch, L., Zimmer, M., Nagel, K. and Skutella, M..
Flows Over Time as Continuous Limits of Packet-Based Network Simulations.
Transportation Research Procedia, Vol. 52, pp. 123–130, 2021.

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