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Preprints 2011


Preprint 001-2009
Höhn, Wiebke and König, Felix G. and Lübbecke, Marco E. and Möhring, Rolf H..
Sequencing and Scheduling in Coil Coating with Shuttles.


Preprint 006-2011
Paul Bonsma, Jens Schulz, and Andreas Wiese.
A Constant Factor Approximation Algorithm for Unsplittable Flow on Paths.

Preprint 007-2011
Tobias Harks and Ingo Kleinert and Max Klimm and Rolf H. Möhring.
Computing Network Tolls with Support Constraints.

Preprint 009-2011
Kai-Simon Goetzmann and Sebastian Stiller and Claudio Telha.
Optimization over Integers with Robustness in Cost and Few Constraints.

Preprint 019-2011
Christina Büsing and Kai-Simon Goetzmann and Jannik Matuschke.
Compromise Solutions in Multicriteria Combinatorial Optimization.

Preprint 032-2011
Disser, Yann and Matuschke, Jannik.
Degree-constrained orientations of embedded graphs.

Preprint 031-2011
Günther, Elisabeth and Maurer, Olaf and Megow, Nicole and Wiese, Andreas.
A New Approach to Competitive Analysis: Approximating the Optimal Competitive Ratio.

Preprint 008-2011
Höhn, Wiebke and Jacobs, Tobias.
Single Machine Scheduling with Weighted Nonlinear Cost.