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Preprints 2004


Preprint 037-2003
S\ándor P. Fekete and Marco E. L\übbecke and Henk Meijer.
Minimizing the Stabbing Number of Matchings, Trees, and Triangulations.

Preprint 023-2003
Sven O. Krumke and Nicole Megow and Tjark Vredeveld.
How to Whack Moles.

Preprint 022-2003
Nicole Megow and Andreas S. Schulz.
On-line scheduling to minimize average completion time revisited.


Preprint 035-2004
Alex Hall and Heiko Schilling.
Flows over Time: Towards a more Realistic and Computationally Tractable Model.

Preprint 037-2004
Laura Heinrich-Litan and Marco E. L\übbecke.
Rectangle Covers Revisited Computationally.

Preprint 042-2004
Ekkehard K\öhler and Rolf H. M\öhring and Heiko Schilling.
Acceleration of Shortest Path and Constrained Shortest Path Computation.

Preprint 027-2004
Ekkehard K\öhler and Rolf H. M\öhring and Gregor W\ünsch.
Minimizing Total Delay in Fixed-Time Controlled Traffic Networks.

Preprint 019-2004
Ronald Koch and Martin Skutella and Ines Spenke.
Approximation and complexity of k-splittable flows.

Preprint 008-2004
Marco E. L\übbecke and Jacques Desrosiers.
Selected Topics in Column Generation.

Preprint 009-2004
Marco E. L\übbecke and Uwe T. Zimmermann.
Shunting Minimal Rail Car Allocation.

Preprint 020-2004
Christian Liebchen and Rolf H. M\öhring.
The Modeling Power of the Periodic Event Scheduling Problem: Railway Timetables - and Beyond.

Preprint 021-2004
Christian Liebchen and Mark Proksch and Frank H. Wagner.
Performance of Algorithms for Periodic Timetable Optimization.

Preprint 031-2004
Christian Liebchen and Romeo Rizzi.
A Greedy Approach to Compute a Minimum Cycle Bases of a Directed Graph.

Preprint 026-2004
Rolf H. M\öhring and Ekkehard K\öhler and Ewgenij Gawrilow and Bj\örn Stenzel.
Conflict-free Real-time AGV Routing.

Preprint 018-2004
Nicole Megow and Marc Uetz and Tjark Vredeveld.
Stochastic Online Scheduling on Parallel Machines.



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