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Preprints 2002


Preprint 680-2000
Rolf H. Möhring and Andreas S. Schulz and Frederik Stork and Marc Uetz.
Solving Project Scheduling Problems by Minimum Cut Computations.


Preprint 711-2001
Esther M. Arkin and Michael A. Bender and Sándor P. Fekete and Joseph S. B. Mitchell and Martin Skutella.
The Freeze-Tag Problem: How to Wake Up a Swarm of Robots.

Preprint 712-2001
Ekkehard Köhler and Martin Skutella.
Flows over time with load-dependent transit times.


Preprint 739-2002
Georg Baier and Ekkehard Köhler and Martin Skutella.
On the $k$-splittable Flow Problem.

Preprint 728-2002
Lisa Fleischer and Martin Skutella.
The Quickest Multicommodity Flow Problem.

Preprint 757-2002
Lisa Fleischer and Martin Skutella.
Minimum Cost Flows Over Time without Intermediate Storage.

Preprint 754-2002
Olaf Jahn and Rolf H. Möhring and Andreas S. Schulz and Nicolas E. Stier Moses.
System Optimal Routing of Traffic Flows with User Constraints in Networks with Congestion.

Preprint 762-2002
Ekkehard Köhler and Katharina Langkau and Martin Skutella.
Time-Expanded Graphs for Flow-Dependent Transit Times.

Preprint 752-2002
Ekkehard Köhler and Rolf H. Möhring and Martin Skutella.
Traffic Networks and Flows Over Time.

Preprint 736-2002
Christian Liebchen and Rolf H. Möhring.
A Case Study in Periodic Timetabling.

Preprint 761-2002
Christian Liebchen and Leon Peeters.
On Cyclic Timetabling and Cycles in Graphs.

Preprint 734-2002
Martin Skutella.
List scheduling in order of α-points on a single machine.

Preprint 756-2002
Martin Skutella and Marc Uetz.
Stochastic Machine Scheduling with Precedence Constraints.


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