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Preprints 1995


Preprint 323-1992
Rolf H. Möhring and Dorothea Wagner and Frank Wagner.
VLSI Network Design.


Preprint 401-1994
Rudolf Müller and Andreas S.\ Schulz.
The Interval Order Polytope of a Digraph.

Preprint 373-1994
Andreas S. Schulz.
A note on the permutahedron of series-parallel posets.


Preprint 465-1995
Ulrich Betke and Martin Henk.
Finite packings of spheres.

Preprint 489-1995
Eva Maria Feichtner and Dmitry N. Kozlov.
On subspace arrangements of type $\mathcal D$.

Preprint 477-1995
Jens Gustedt and Michel Morvan and Laurent Viennot.
A compact data structure and parallel algorithms for permutation graphs.

Preprint 430-1995
Martin Henk.
Note on Shortest and Nearest Lattice Vectors.

Preprint 447-1995
Martin Henk.
Minkowski's second theorem on successive minima.

Preprint 428-1995
David B. Massey and Rodica Simion and Richard P. Stanley and Dirk Vertigan and Dominic J. A. Welsh and Günter M. Ziegler.
Lê Numbers of Arrangements and Matroid Identities.

Preprint 475-1995
Ross McConnell and Jeremy Spinrad.
Modular decomposition and transitive orientation.

Preprint 439-1995
Rolf H. Möhring and Matthias Müller–Hannemann.
Cardinality Matching: Heuristic Search for Augmenting Paths.