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Preprints 1992


Preprint 209-1989
Dorothea Wagner and Frank Wagner.
An Efficient Parallel Logarithmic Time Algorithm for the Channel Routing Problem.


Preprint 295-1991
Stefan Felsner and Dorothea Wagner.
On the Complexity of Partial Order Properties.


Preprint 322-1992
Jens Gustedt and Michel Morvan.
$N$-free Orders and Minimal Interval Extensions.

Preprint 336-1992
Michel Habib and Rolf H. Möhring.
Treewidth of cocomparability graphs and a new order-theoretic parameter.

Preprint 343-1992
Edmund Ihler and Dorothea Wagner and Frank Wagner.
Modeling Hypergraphs by Graphs.

Preprint 319-1992
Klaus Jansen and Petra Scheffler.
Generalized coloring for tree-like graphs.

Preprint -1992
Klaus Jansen and Petra Scheffler and Gerhard Woeginger.
The Disjoint Cliques Problem.

Preprint 323-1992
Rolf H. Möhring and Dorothea Wagner and Frank Wagner.
VLSI Network Design.

Preprint 333-1992
Dirk Möller and Rudolf Müller.
A Concept for the Representation of Data and Algorithms.

Preprint 337-1992
Rudolf Müller.
On the Poset Polytope of a Digraph.

Preprint 324-1992
Heike Ripphausen–Lipa and Dorothea Wagner and Karsten Weihe.
The Vertex-Disjoint Menger Problem in Planar Graphs.

Preprint 317-1992
Majid Sarrafzadeh and Dorothea Wagner and Frank Wagner and Karsten Weihe.
Wiring Knock-Knee Layouts: A Global Approach.

Preprint 318-1992
Dorothea Wagner.
Optimal Routing Through Dense Channels.

Preprint 344-1992
Dorothea Wagner and Karsten Weihe.
A Linear Time Algorithm for Edge-Disjoint Paths in Planar Graphs.


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