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Dynamic Models and Algorithms for Equilibria in Traffic Networks

Dynamic Models and Algorithms for Equilibria in Traffic Networks
Project heads:
Martin Skutella [1]
Leon Sering [2]
Student Researcher:
Max Zimmer
June 2017 - December 2018
ECMath [3]

This research is carried out in the framework of Matheon supported by Einstein Foundation Berlin


The efficiency of private transport is of particular importance for densely populated metropolitan areas. In light of ever growing traffic volumes, road infrastructure constitutes a scarce resource that must be used as effectively as possible. In this context, the availability of data and, associated therewith, the development of future technologies such as autonomously guided vehicles dramatically change the way users act and interact. This project wants to address some of the challenges occurring in these next generation traffic networks.


Koch, R. and Skutella, M.
Nash Equilibria and the Price of Anarchy for Flows Over Time [7].
Theory of Computing Systems, Vol. 49, pp. 71–97, 2011.  [pdf] [8]

Köhler, E., Möhring, R. H. and Skutella, M.
Traffic networks and flows over time [9].
In Lerner, Jürgen and Wagner, Dorothea and Zweig, Katharina A. (ed.)Algorithmics of Large and Complex Networks: Design, Analysis, and Simulation, pp. 166–196, Springer, 2009.  [pdf] [10]

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