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TEAM project


November 2012 - October 2016
Project heads:
Rolf Möhring
Sebastian Stiller
Christoph Hansknecht
Official site:
Funded by the European Union within the Seventh Framework Programme (grant agreement no 318621)

Research Program

The TEAM project focuses on collaborative transport solutions in order to provide an infrastructure fostering collaboration between all participants to decrease travel time and carbon emission. As a partner, TUB is responsible for the following:

Design and implementation of a collaborative, comodal routing engine

Traditional routing approaches consider travelers independently and assume no interdependence between routing choices of different travelers. As a result travelers are assigned routes which might be optimal for themselves but which are disadvantageous in total, leading to congested traffic axes and a high total travel time and carbon emission. A collaborative routing approach can take the interdependence into account and provide route suggestions reducing total travel time / carbon emission.

Analysis of equilibrium concepts for traffic networks

From a theoretical standpoint urban traffic flow can be modeled using variants of network congestion games. The set of routing choices in the case of selfishly acting players is assumed to be an equilibrium in the sense that it is not possible for travelers to improve their situation by unilaterally changing their route. Depending on the equilibrium concept and the underlying model several questions arise regarding the existence and computability of the equilibria.


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