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Hoogeveen, Han and Skutella, Martin and Woeginger, Gerhard J..
Preemptive scheduling with rejection.
Mathematical Programming, 94: 361–374, 2003.

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Skutella, Martin.
Approximating the single source unsplittable min-cost flow problem.
Mathematical Programming, 91: 493–514, 2002.

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Skutella, Martin and Weber, Alexia.
On the dominant of the s-t-cut polytope.
Mathematical Programming, 124: 441–454, 2010.

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Baumann, Nadine and Skutella, Martin.
Solving Evacuation Problems Efficiently: Earliest Arrival Flows with Multiple Sources.
Mathematics of Operations Research, 34: 499–512, 2009.

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Skutella, Martin and Sviridenko, Maxim and Uetz, Marc.
Unrelated Machine Scheduling with Stochastic Processing Times.
Mathematics of Operations Research, 41: 851–864, 2016.

Sanders, Peter and Sivadasan, Naveen and Skutella, Martin.
Online Scheduling with Bounded Migration.
Mathematics of Operations Research, 34: 481–498, 2009.

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Skutella, Martin and Verschae, José.
Robust Polynomial-Time Approximation Schemes for Parallel Machine Scheduling with Job Arrivals and Departures.
Mathematics of Operations Research, 41: 991–1021, 2016.

Skutella, Martin.
Approximation Algorithms for the Discrete Time-Cost Tradeoff Problem.
Mathematics of Operations Research, 23: 909–929, 1998.

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Skutella, Martin and Woeginger, Gerhard J..
A PTAS for minimizing the total weighted completion time on identical parallel machines.
Mathematics of Operations Research, 25: 63–75, 2000.

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Matusche, Jannik and Skutella, Martin, and Soto, José.
Robust randomized matchings.
Mathematics of Operations Research, 43: 675-692, 2018.


Arulselvan, Ashwin and Groß, Martin and Skutella, Martin.
Graph Orientation and Flows Over Time.
Networks, 66: 196-209, 2015.

Arulselvan, Ashwin and Maurer, Olaf and Skutella, Martin.
An incremental algorithm for the uncapacitated facility location problem.
Networks, 65: 306-311, 2015.

Groß, Martin and Pfetsch, Marc E. and Schewe, Lars and Schmidt, Martin and Skutella, Martin.
Algorithmic results for potential-based flows: Easy and hard cases.
Networks, 73: 306–324, 2019.

Martens, Maren and Skutella, Martin.
Flows on Few Paths: Algorithms and Lower Bounds.
Networks, 48: 68–76, 2006.

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Groß, Martin and Skutella, Martin.
A tight bound on the speed-up through storage for quickest multi-commodity flows.
Operation Research Letters, 43: 93–95, 2015.

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Althaus, Ernst and Funke, Stefan and Har-Peled, Sariel and Könemann, Jochen and Ramos, Edgar A. and Skutella, Martin.
Approximating k-Hop Minimum-Spanning Trees.
Operations Research Letters, 33: 115–120, 2005.

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Matuschke, Jannik and McCormick, S. Thomas and Oriolo, Gianpaolo and Peis, Britta and Skutella, Martin.
Protection of flows under targeted attacks.
Operations Research Letters, 45: 53-59, 2017.

Grandoni, Fabrizio and Kaibel, Volker and Oriolo, Gianpaolo and Skutella, Martin.
A short proof of the VPN tree routing conjecture on ring networks.
Operations Research Letters, 36: 361–365, 2008.

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Salazar, Fernanda and Skutella, Martin.
Single-source k-splittable min-cost flows.
Operations Research Letters, 37: 71–74, 2009.

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