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Bley, Andreas (2007). Routing and Capacity Optimization for IP Networks. Operations Research Proceedings 2007: Selected Papers of the Annual International Conference of the German Operations Research Society, Saarbrücken, Germany. Springer, 9–16.

Bley, Andreas (2007). Routing and Capacity Optimization for IP Networks. TU Berlin

Bley, Andreas (2008). An Integer Programming Algorithm for Routing Optimization in IP Networks. Algorithms – ESA 2008: Proceedings of the 16th Annual European Symposium on Algorithms, Karlsruhe, Germany. Springer, 198–209.

Bley, Andreas and Koch, Thorsten and Niu, Lingfeng (2008). Experiments with nonlinear extensions to SCIP.

Bley, Andreas and Menne, Ulrich and Klähne, Roman and Raack, Christian and Wessäly, Roland (2008). Multi-layer network design – A model-based optimization approach. Proceedings of the 5th Polish-German Teletraffic Symposium 2008, 107–116.

Bley, Andreas (2009). Approximability of Unsplittable Shortest Path Routing Problems. Networks, 23–46.

Bley, Andreas (2009). On the Hardness of Finding Small Shortest Path Routing Conflicts. Proceedings of the 4th International Network Optimization Conference (INOC 2009), Pisa, Italy

Bley, Andreas and Boland, Natashia and Fricke, Christopher and Froyland, Gary (2009). Clique-based facets for the precedence constrained knapsack problem. Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Models and Algorithms for Planning and Scheduling Problems (MAPSP 2009), Rolduc, The Netherlands, 259–261.

Bley, Andreas and Gleixner, Ambros and Koch, Thorsten and Vigerske, Stefan (2009). Comparing MIQCP solvers on open pit mine production scheduling problems with stockpiling constraints.

Bley, Andreas and Fortz, Bernard and Gourdin, Eric and Holmberg, Kaj and Klopfenstein, Olivier and Pióro, Michal and Tomaszewski, Artur and Ümit, Hakan (2010). Optimization of OSPF Routing in IP Networks. Graphs and Algorithms in Communication Networks: Studies in Broadband, Optical, Wireless and Ad Hoc Networks. Springer, 199–240.

Bley, Andreas and Boland, Natashia and Fricke, Christopher and Froyland, Gary (2010). A strengthened formulation and cutting planes for the open pit mine production scheduling problem. Computers and Operations Research, 1641–1647.

Menne, Ulrich and Wessäly, Roland and Martens, Maren and Bley, Andreas (2010). Integrated optimization of aggregation and core for varying NGN architectures. Proceedings of the 14th International Telecommunications Network Strategy and Planning Symposium (NETWORKS 2010), Warsaw, Poland. IEEE, 228–233.

Bley, Andreas and Neto, Jose (2010). Approximability of 3- and 4-hop bounded disjoint paths problems. Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization: Proceedings of the 14th Conference on Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization (IPCO 2010), Lausanne, Switzerland. Springer, 205–218.


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