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Seminar: Advanced Topics in Combinatorial Optimization

The purpose of the seminar is to read and understand some chapters of Schrijver's 3 volumes on combinatorial optimization:

  • Alexander Schrijver, Combinatorial Optimization: Polyhedra and Efficiency, Springer Verlag, 2003

More information on the seminar can be found here (in German).

Usually, we meet every week on Tuesday at 16:00 in room MA 212 (BMS seminar room). On Oct. 16 the first preparatory meeting will take place. The remaining dates and topics can be found below.


The seminar will cover (some of) the following topics. Here, the numbers refer to chapters in Schrijver's book:

  • Chapter 14: (Julian Becker) Partially ordered sets and path coverings (Oct. 23, 2012), Advisor: Martin Skutella
  • Chapter 15 (Hongmei Zhao): Connectivity and Gomory-Hu trees (Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, 12:00 h, MA 212), Advisor: Martin Skutella
  • Chapter 20 (Philipp Skavantzos): Bipartite edge-colouring (Nov. 6, 2012), Advisor: Martin Skutella
  • Chapter 28: (Daniel Schmand) Edge-colouring (Monday, Nov. 12, 2012, 12:00 h, MA 212), Advisor: Martin Skutella
  • Chapter 29 (Gerwin Gamrath): T-joins, undirected shortest paths, and the Chinese postman (Nov. 20, 2012), Advisor: Wolfgang Welz
  • Chapter 30: (Zita Knodel) 2-matchings, 2-covers, and 2-factors (Nov. 27, 2012), Advisor: Olaf Maurer
  • Chapters 31-32: (Christof Wedig) b-matchings / Capacitated b-matchings(Dec. 4, 2012), Advisor: Ágnes Cseh
  • (Andreas Wierz) Steiner Trees (Monday, Dec. 10, 2012, 12:00 h, MA 212), Advisor: Ashwin Arulselvan
  • Chapter 41: (Anne-Marie George) Matroid intersection (Dec. 11, 2012), Advisor: Martin Niemeier
  • Chapter 42: (Alexej Gluschkow) Matroid union (Dec. 18, 2012), Advisor: Martin Skutella
  • Chapter 44: (Christopher Wyczisk) Submodular functions and polymatroids (Jan. 15, 2013), Advisor: Daniel Karch
  • Chapter 45: (Timo Strunk) Submodular function minimization(Jan. 22, 2013), Advisor: Jan-Philipp Kappmeier
  • Chapter 70 (Peter Große): Multiflows and disjoint paths (Jan. 29, 2013), Advisor: Jannik Matuschke
  • Chapter 71 (Jeanette Schnake): Two commodities (Feb. 12, 2013), Advisor: Martin Groß

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