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FG Kombinatorische Optimierung und GraphenalgorithmenVL ADM III: Applied Network Optimization (3236 L 286)

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VL: ADM III: Applied Network Optimization (3236 L 286)

This course deals with models and algorithms that are at the core of applications in traffic and transportation networks. The mathematics involved contains congestion games, multicommodity flows, flows over time, cycle bases of graphic matroids, path packings, and constrained shortest paths. 

My scanned course notes and other material are available here.


Participants are expected to have good knowledge of ADM I and ADM II

Important Dates

Tuesday 12 - 14 in MA 041

Thursday 14 - 16 in MA 043

Friday 12 -14 in MA 041 (auxiliary dates)

Start on Tuesday, April 14



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