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Specification of file format

The file format is identical to the one used in the collection of classical LRP instances by Carolin Prodhon.

Distances are Euclidian, based on x and y coordinates specified in the file. In all instances of the clrlib, depots are uncapacitaed and vehicle cost is 0. The integer/fractional capacity switch in the last line is always set to 1 and thus distances should be calculated by sqrt((x1-x2)^2 + (y1-y2)^2) and then treated as float value.

File format

number of customers
number of depots
<empty line>
x depot 1<space>y depot 1
x depot 2<space>y depot 2
x depot m<space>y depot m
<empty line>
x customer 1<space>y customer 1
x customer 2<space>y customer 2
x customer n<space>y customer n
<empty line>
vehicle capacity
<empty line>
capacity of depot 1
capacity of depot m
<empty line>
demand customer 1
demand customer 2
demand customer n
<empty line>
opening cost depot 1
opening cost depot 2
opening cost depot m
<empty line>
vehicle cost
<empty line>
integer/fractional distances switch


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