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Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)

Lupe [1]

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research supported several projects within our group:

  • Adaptive Traffic Control [2]
  • Models and Algorithms for Dynamice Route Guidance in Traffic Networks [3]
  • Online AGV Routing [4]
  • Optimal Vehicle Route Guidance [5]
  • Scheduling Scarce Resources in Chemical Engineering [6]
  • Traffic Signal Optimization [7]

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

Lupe [8]

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) is the central, self-governing research organisation that promotes research at universities and other publicly financed research institutions in Germany. It supported several projects within our group:

  • Algorithm Engineering for Real-time Scheduling and Routing [9]
  • Algorithms for Complex Scheduling Problems [10]
  • Algorithms for Solving Time-Dependent Routing Problems with Exponential Output Size [11]
  • An Extended Continuous-time Model for Network Flows Over Time [12]
  • Application of Computational Intelligence in Combinatorial Optimization [13]
  • Combinatorial Algorithms for Quadrilateral and Hexahedral Mesh Generation in Finite Element Methods
  • Competitive Exploration of Large Networks [14]
  • Efficient Algorithms for Path-Based and Dynamic Flow Problems in Large Networks [15]
  • Efficient Network Flow Methods for Instationary Gas Flows [16]
  • Informationstechnik, Messen und Reverse Engineering zur Prozesskettenoptimierung [17]
  • Kombinatorische Algorithmen zur Vierecks- und Hexaedernetzgenerierung für Finite-Elemente-Verfahren
  • Multicriteria Optimisation [18]
  • Projektplanung mit variablen Vorgangsdauern [19]
  • Verallgemeinerte Flüsse und ihre Anwendung zur Generierung von Finite-Elemente-Netzen [20]

DFG Research Center Matheon

Lupe [21]

The DFG Research Center Matheon "Mathematics for key technologies" is one of currently five DFG Research Centers funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).Matheon supports the following projects within our group:

  • Applications of Network Flows in Evacuation Planning (Project B18) [22]
  • Automatic Reconfiguration of Robotic Welding Cells (Project C30) [23]
  • Line planning and periodic timetabling in railway traffic (Project B5) [24]
  • Mechanisms for Network Design Problems (Project B16) [25]
  • Optical Access Networks (Project B21) [26]
  • Optimization under uncertainty in logistics and scheduling (Project B13) [27]
  • Robust Optimization for Network Applications (Project B23)
  • Scheduling Material Flows in Logistics Networks (Project B24) [29]
  • Scheduling Techniques in Constraint Integer Programming (Project B25) [30]
  • Stochastic and nonlinear methods for solving resource constrained scheduling problems (Project C5) [31]
  • Time-dependent multi-commodity flows: theory and applications (Project B8) [32]


Lupe [33]

The Einstein Center for Mathematics Berlin (ECMath) is a platform for the consolidation of the collaborative mathematical excellence projects in Berlin, including the Research Center Matheon, the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS), and the German Center for Teacher Education in Mathematics (DZLM), in an internationally visible framework, using the organizational structure of Matheon as a role model. ECMath establishes the institutional basis for innovative first-rate research in mathematics ranging from application-driven as well as theoretical basic research, education of young researchers, and professional development of scientists in academia, schools, and industry, up to the transfer of mathematical research results into industrial practice. 

  • Design and Operation of Infrastructure Networks Under Uncertainty (Project MI1)
  • Network and Mechanism Design for Metropolitan Infrastructures (Project MI5)

European Commission

Lupe [34]

Our group participates in the Specific Targeted Research Project ARRIVAL [35], funded within the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission:

  • Algorithms for Robust and online Railway optimization: Improving the Validity and reliAbility of Large scale systems (ARRIVAL) [36]

We also participate in the TEAM [37] project, which is part of the 7th Framework Programme: 

  • Tomorrow's Elastic Adaptive Mobility [38] (TEAM) [39]

European Regional Development Fund

Lupe [40]

Within the program "Programm zur Förderung von Forschung, Innovationen und Technologien (ProFIT)", supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), our group realized a fundamental research project:

  • Fundamental Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems [41]


4flow AG

Lupe [42]

4flow is a leading provider of supply chain consulting, software, and 4PL services. With more than 350 team members, the company is a global partner for its customers, present at 12 offices in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Each year, 4flow completes more than 100 projects in cooperation with our customers on 5 continents in more than 40 different countries.

4flow customers include large and midsized companies from industries such as vehicle manufacturing, automotive suppliers, consumer goods, retail, renewable energy, high-tech and telecommunications, medical technology, machinery manufacturing, basic materials, spare parts, packaging, and logistics service providers.

  • MultiTrans - Multicriteria Optimization in Transport Logistics [43]
  • RobuNet - Robust Network Design for Large Scale Logistics Networks [44]

ATOSS Software AG

Lupe [45]

ATOSS Software AG, München, was the first supplier in the market to develop software solutions for working time management and personnel deployment planning. The core of our cooperation with the ATOSS AG is the development and implementation of efficient optimization algorithms for different problems which arise in automated staff scheduling. Eventually, the cooperation aims at providing an interactive software module which allows to generate and manipulate staff assignments automatically, according to the individual needs and objectives of the scheduler:

  • Automated Staff Scheduling [46]


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Lupe [47]

BASF (Badische Anilin- & Soda-Fabrik AG) is the world's leading chemical company and was founded in 1865. Its range of chemicals starts with basic petrochemicals and inorganics for captive use, and extends to intermediates and specialties for the external market. Within the cooperation with BASF AG our group worked on several scheduling problems occuring in the production process of chemicals:

  • Scheduling Scarce Resources in Chemical Engineering [48]

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)

Lupe [49]

BVG is the main operator for local transport in Berlin, including underground, bus, tramway, and ferries. Our group has consulted the undergound division for the design of their 2005 timetable:

  • Line planning and periodic timetabling in railway traffic [50]


Daimler Chrysler AG

Lupe [51]

DaimlerChrysler is one of the global players in the automotive industry. Within the cooperation with DaimlerChrysler AG our group has developed routing models for car navigation:

  • Efficient Algorithms for Path-Based and Dynamic Flow Problems in Large Networks [52]
  • Algorithms for Optimal Route Guidance [53]

Deutsche Bahn AG

Lupe [54]

Deutsche Bahn AG is a leading international transport and logistics services provider. Our group has developed a software that computes optimized periodic timetables for strategic studies:

  • Line planning and periodic timetabling in railway traffic [55]


Deutsche Telekom AG

Lupe [56]

Deutsche Telekom is Europe's largest provider of telecommunication infrastructure. Our group has developed a fast software for the minimum-cost disjoint embeddings of so-called Virtual Private Networks into large physical networks:

  • Disjoint Routing in Telecommunication Networks [57]


Hamburger Hafen- und Lagerhaus AG (HHLA)

Lupe [58]

The HHLA is the largest single organisation in the maritime traffic industry in Germany. Based on the size of the container terminals, the volume of handling and the number of workplaces, HHLA is the market leader in the Port of Hamburg. Our group develops routing algorithms for Automated Guided Vehicles used at Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA):

  • Online AGV Routing [59]
  • Automated-Guided-Vehicle Routing Algorithms [60]


PSI Metals GmbH

Lupe [61]

PSI Metals develops and integrates software solutions for challenging tasks in network, production and information management. They are the world's largest  provider for software solutions in production management for the metals industry.

  • Optimization of On-Site Slab Logistics in Steel Production [62]
  • Sequencing and Scheduling in Coil Coating with Shuttles [63]

ptv AG

Lupe [64]

PTV is a major player in the fields of developing planning software for traffic planning and traffic consultancy. Our group has developed software for basic periodic timetable optimization that has been integrated in VISUM 8.0. In addition, the group is currently developing an optimization tool for signalized, fixed-time controlled inner-city traffic networks. This tool is as well intended to be integrated into the ptv-vision software:

  • Adaptive Traffic Control [65]
  • Taktversatzplanung im ÖPNV [66]
  • Traffic Signal Optimization [67]

Sachsenmilch Leppersdorf GmbH

Lupe [68]

The Sachsenmilch dairy in Leppersdorf is one of the most modern milk processing sites with a capacity of 1.4 bln kilograms of milk per annum. Milk is processed in five production areas to produce basic and fresh products, cheese and powder. Sachsenmilch has around 1,200 employees at its Leppersdorf location.

  • Sequencing and Scheduling for Filling Lines in Dairy Production [69]

Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH

Lupe [70]

Salzgitter Flachstahl is the largest steel subsidiary in the Salzgitter Group. In 2007, almost 4.800 employees produced about 4.6 million tons of steel including 3.1 million tons for the location Salzgitter and generated a turnover of Euro 2.4 billion.

  • Sequencing and Scheduling in Coil Coating with Shuttles [71]


SBB Cargo

Lupe [72]

SBB Cargo is a subsidiary of Swiss Federal Railways (SPP) specialising in railfreight.

  • Optimizing the Cargo Express Service of Swiss Federal Railways [73]

T.A. Cook

Lupe [74]

T.A. Cook is a management consulting firm focusing on Asset Performance Management. The core competence is the sustainable implementation of asset, operations and service-oriented excellence. T.A. Cook's clients are typically businesses, their suppliers and contractors working with significant industrial assets across multiple sectors. The company has particular expertise in the petrochemicals, plastics, pharmaceutical, transport, mining and food sectors as well as excellent knowledge of the regulated environments occupied by gas, water and electricity utilities.

  • Shutdown and Turnaround Scheduling in Chemical Manufacturing [75]


voestalpine AG

Lupe [76]

voestalpine is a leading European processing group with its own steelmaking facilities and headquarters in Austria. The four divisions Steel, Railway Systems, Automotive and Profilform, all occupy top positions in their respective markets.

  • Optimization of On-Site Slab Logistics in Steel Production [77]


Wasser- und Schifffahrtsämter Kiel-Holtenau und Brunsbüttel

Lupe [78]

The Waterways and Shipping Administrations of Kiel-Holtenau and Brunsbüttel are responsible for the safety and facility of the ship traffic on the Kiel Canal as well as the operation and maintenance of the waterway together with its branches and buildings.

  • Ship Traffic Optimization for the Kiel Canal [79]
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